Question: Can You Cash Out Gold Coins In Global Poker?

Can you turn gold coins to sweeps cash?

Sweeps Coins are free with the purchase of Gold Coin packages, but cannot be purchased directly.

It is also available for free by mail order.

Players can use and redeem this virtual currency for cash prizes..

Can you cash out on global poker?

There are two currencies available in Global Poker: Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. The Sweeps Coins currency on your balance is redeemable for prize in accordance with the Sweeps Coins Rules.

How much are sweeps coins worth on global poker?

Each Sweeps Coin that has been won through game play (rather than collected using one of the methods described in Section 3 above) can be redeemed for a prize with value being equivalent to US$1.

How do you get sweeps coins in global poker?

How can I get free Sweeps Coins on Global Poker?You can receive Sweeps Coins as a free bonus when purchasing Gold Coins. … The other is to receive Sweeps Coins when entering Sweeps Coins no-cost giveaway contests on the Global Poker Facebook page.

Are gold coins worth anything on global poker?

Gold Coins are Global Poker’s primary virtual currency and are equivalent to what other sites may call “play money.” That is, they have no monetary value, cannot be cashed out, but can be used to enjoy all Global Poker gaming options together with other players on the site.

How do you turn coins into cash?

There are three primary options to change coins to cash: Take your coins to the bank. Roll the coins yourself. Use a coin change service….Use a Coin Counting MachineGet cash (8-10% fee)Exchange coins for an eGift Card (no fee)Consider giving back by making a donation to your favorite charity (no fee)