Question: Who Is The Least Played Champion?

Who is the most played champion in league?

Current Patch StatisticsRankChampionKillsRankChampionKills1Aatrox5.462Ahri6.913Akali8.3020 more rows.

Which champion gets the most Pentakills?

But to simply answer your question, the easiest would be Yi, Yasuo, Riven, Katarina, Zed, Vayne and similar. Scaling champions like Veigar, Nasus and Kindred are capable mid to late game also as long as one has enough stacks. Play smart and play well and you can get pentakills more often than not.

Is Fiora a good champion?

Fiora. Fiora is an absolute monster in the top-lane and an excellent addition to any team looking to deal heaps of damage. The Grand Duelist has the tools to outplay and counter most champions on the Rift, while also scaling into an incredible late-game split-pusher.

Who is the least played league champion?

10 Least Played League of Legends Champions 2020Corki. Play-rate: 0.82% … Dr Mundo. Play-rate: 0.73% … Anivia. Play-rate: 0.72% … Aurelion Sol. Play-rate: 0.6% … Rumble. Play-rate: 0.51% … Tahm Kench. Play-rate: 0.5% … Zilean. Play-rate: 0.29% … Heimerdinger. Play-rate: 0.16%More items…•

Who are the best LoL champions?

The best League of Legends champions are:Garen.Nasus.Shyvana.Volibear.Annie.Morgana.Caitlyn.Ashe.More items…•

Is Garen good lol?

Garen is capable of dishing out high amounts of damage, has incredible sustain, and can become ludicrously tanky with the right build. Despite Garen’s simplistic kit, he can be rather hard to master as his lack of mobility and late-game damage can prove troublesome.

Is Akali good lol?

Damonte: Akali will definitely be competitively viable because of the mobility and escape tools she now has. It now feels like the champion really excels when split pushing, so there will be a lot of uses for her in competitive play. You’ll probably see her in mid or top-lane, and I think both will be good!

What champion does faker Main?

He is widely considered to be the best League of Legends player of all time. Faker is renowned for his high mechanical skill and extremely versatile champion pool. He is best known for playing LeBlanc, Zed, Syndra, Azir, Ahri, and Ryze….Faker (gamer)Faker2013–2014SK Telecom T1 K2014–presentT1Career highlights and awards15 more rows

Is Seraphine the new champion?

Riot Games has revealed Seraphine, a new champion joining the League Of Legends roster. Seraphine was announced via a new blog post on the League Of Legends website that dives into her backstory, as well as her abilities. Described as a “starry-eyed songstress”, Seraphine is a mage champion with music-themed abilities.

Why is Lee Sin so strong?

Lee Sin has incredibly high damage and mobility which makes him a huge threat in the hands of a skilled player, his mobility makes it hard to avoid his ganks and his ward hops allows him to come from unexpected angles.

Who is the most hated champion in lol?

Most Hated League of Legends ChampionsTeemo. Teemo has been one of the most disliked champions in League of Legends for a long time. … Fizz. Fizz is one of the most hated champions on the list, not because he’s hard to use, but because he’s very annoying to go against. … Zoe. … Shaco. … Tryndamere. … Conclusion.

Why is Yasuo banned so much?

Basically they have started making more and more overloaded champs. Yasuo started it, and people have been dealing with his infuriating kit for so long that pretty much anyone that does not main him at this point hates the champ. Hence the #1 banned champ regardless of winrate.

Is riven a top Laner?

Riven is a very mobile, high damage and fun top lane carry with the ability to heavily snowball games into a win. Once mastered Riven is capable of making crazy outplays and deleting entire teams from the rift.

What champion has the lowest win rate?

YuumiYuumi has the lowest winrate of any champion on release.

Who has the highest Ban rate in lol?

Master YiMaster Yi is the biggest skip in percentages so far, being locked out of 34.22% of games. Much like Blitzcrank and Leona, Yi is far from a versatile tool but does a great job in the role he’s built for: having massive damage output and speed compared to other junglers and assassins.