Question: Why Do They Call It A Donk?

Is a caprice the same as an Impala?

Graduating from a trim designation on the 1965 Impala to a separate car line in 1966, the Caprice sat at the top of Chevrolet’s full-size car lineup, right under Corvette in the brand’s hierarchy.

Despite that distinction, the Caprice isn’t as strong in the collector car market as its almost identical sibling, Impala..

Is Donk a bad word?

(poker, derogatory) A poor player who makes mistakes.

What does Donk mean in Dutch?

donk. swamp, low-lying area of land that is saturated with water and unfit for agricultural purposes, marsh, bog. swamp, low-lying area of land that is saturated with water and unfit for agricultural purposes, marsh, bog. Translate the Dutch term donk to other languages.

What kind of car does Donkmaster drive?


What does Doinks mean?

Noun. doink (plural doinks) (slang) A fool; a jerk; a worthless person. (slang) A joint (cannabis cigarette).

What is a DONKey donk?

The difference between Donk and Donkey When used as nouns, donk means a sub-genre of scouse house music containing distinctive percussion sounds, whereas donkey means a domestic animal, , similar to a horse.

What Stonks mean?

What does stonks mean? In internet slang, stonks is a deliberate misspelling of stocks, as traded in the stock market. It is often used to refer to such stocks—and finance more generally—in a humorous or ironic way, especially to comment on financial losses.

Is Donk a Scrabble word?

DONK is not a valid scrabble word.

What is Donk in poker?

‘A donk bet is a bet that is made into the aggressor from the prior betting round, denying them an opportunity to make a continuation bet’. So for example, a player in middle position opens for a raise, the button, and the big blind calls.

Do big rims damage suspension?

Putting larger wheels on a vehicle than the ones with which it left the factory can cause problems for a vehicle’s suspension and brakes even if lower-profile tires keep the overall diameter the same. … Bolting on larger metal wheels gives your vehicle’s springs and shock absorbers more weight to contend with.

What does Donk stand for?

Specifically, “donk” is the nickname for a customized 1971-76 Chevrolet Caprice or Impala. Many folks erroneously use it to describe any custom car with big wheels. To be clear, flashy wheels aren’t required, but if you want a showstopper, they certainly help. No one is certain where the term came from.

How much does a Donk cost?

As one of the defining aspects of Donk, most owners don’t hold back when it comes to wheels, and while an off-the-shelf fitments start at around $4,000, full custom sets can cost up to $20,000.

What are cars with big wheels called?

A donk is any car on ridiculously huge wheels. That’s all it takes to be a donk? Big wheels? Well, donks are usually big, old American cars, and they often have flashy, tongue-in-cheek paint schemes, but yeah, all it takes to be a donk is big wheels.

Can big rims mess up transmission?

When it comes to wheels or rims, size matters — and adding larger wheels could affect a vehicle in a number of ways. For example, wheels that are much larger than the car’s original set could have a negative effect on the transmission by causing it to work harder than normal in order to turn the axles and move the car.

What’s the best Benny’s car?

I think the Sultan RS, Elegy Retro Custom, Spectre Custom and Nero Custom are the best. But I only kept the Elegy Retro Custom for my F&F garage and the Nero looks better in it’s stock variant leaving the Spectre Custom and Sultan RS which are both amazing vehicles to drive.

What does dunking mean?

Dunk means to dip or submerge something in liquid or something like a liquid. … In basketball, to dunk is to put the ball directly into the hoop, especially forcefully (this kind of dunking is the opposite of delicate).

Where did the term Donk come from?

A true “donk” car refers specifically to 1971-1976 full-size Chevrolet cars. The term “donk” actually comes from the Chevy Impala. During these years, the Impala had a special logo that featured a leaping African antelope.

What does she Gotta Donk mean?

a very round, attractive ghetto sylea very round, attractive ghetto syle booty. derivation: shortened form or badonkadonk.

What year is a Donk?

A true “donk” car refers specifically to 1971-1976 Chevrolet Impalas and Caprices whether it’s stock or customized.