Quick Answer: Can You Trust Eneba?

Is g2a sketchy?

Yes, G2A is safe as long as you take the usual precautions when buying anything online from another individual.

When you buy game keys from G2A, there is no risk to your computer.

On the G2A marketplace, you’ll find keys for major game platforms such as Steam and Origin.

The games will not contain viruses..

Does Cdkeys refund?

To be eligible for a refund you must complete a refund request within 7 calendar days of your purchase and the product key must not have been redeemed, as stated in our Terms and Conditions (https://www.cdkeys.com/terms-conditions).

Can I trust instant gaming?

Instant gaming doesn’t sell gifts and doesn’t allow anyone but them to sell keys on their store. … If they sell Blizzard’s keys, they are not trustworthy. They are selling Blizzard’s keys.

Can you trust CDKeys?

Yes, CDKeys is a legit and safe place to buy game keys. Certainly compared to other peer to peer marketplaces you can rest assured that on CDKeys you are buying legit game keys from an accredited retailer. Certainly it pays to be vigilant when buying online, but CDKeys as as legit as they get.

How do I get a refund from Eneba?

If the Customer purchased the Product, but has not reviewed the activation code on ENEBA platform, he/she has a right to request for a refund within 14 (fourteen) days from making the Purchase.

Is Eneba better than g2a?

Based just on seller fees, G2A is the worst choice with the highest fees. The best choice would be Eneba. From a buyer standpoint, the best marketplaces to purchase from are Gamivo and Eneba as they have lower seller fees and thus lower prices. If the price is not your only concern as a buyer, then support probably is.

Can you get scammed on g2a?

The only way to get money from g2a is from the seller directly, essentially if the seller (that you suspect is a scammer) is going to issue you a refund. … g2a money back guarantee is a misleading at best and just scam at worst, they got paid about half of the price (in fees) that you paid for the item.

Why is g2a bad?

However, what G2A is often used for, very often in fact, is selling illegally obtained keys. Not only illegally obtained, but the way in which they obtain them directly hurts developers/publishers.

Eneba is not a scam site and it is totaly safe to buy from there. Eneba doesn’t sell any keys but provides a platform for sellers to sell and buyers to purchase game keys at affordable prices. Of course, issues may arise when activating keys and it is true that there are always bad sellers.

Why is g2a so cheap?

Many sellers on G2A Marketplace are wholesalers who purchase game keys straight from the developers and publishers in bulk. Since they buy a large number of products at once, they purchase them at much lower prices. … This allows them to set lower price tags and still make a profit, as they bought the keys for cheaper.

Is Mtcgame com legit?

do not buy from mtcgame! i had a disgraceful experience with them and they have been reported to the FTC for fraud… i suggest you buy from any other company. don’t risk the same thing that happened to me.

Is Gamebillet legit Reddit?

Gamebillet seems to be legit. I pre-ordered a game from them a few years back and got my key a day before it released. So unless they have a direct deal with publishers I don’t know how else they would have done that. G2A is a grey market scum site though.

What is Eneba?

ENEBA is an online store for digital games. Here you will find a great variety of action, adventure, puzzle and more games from small and big developers. Each gaming enthusiast will find the game they want for a great price!

Where is Eneba located?

LithuaniaOur headquarters is located in the heart of Kaunas. The second largest city in Lithuania.

Is Eneba GREY market?

G2A and eneba are third party grey market key resellers. They are not authorized resellers.

Is CJS CD Keys legit?

They are scammers. Gosh, I got scammed so hard. On Jan 24th, I decided to buy the steam CDKEY edition of Divinity: Original Sin from www.cjs-cdkeys.com (I’ll refer to them as CJS) seeing it was being sold for a better price than most competitors.