Quick Answer: How Much Does A Supreme BOT Cost?

Is Supreme Hot Bot legit?

The bot isn’t working, and no refunds are given.

This is indeed a scam product.

Do not buy if your expectations are to get a working bot..

Kabbara confidently said that bots are 100% legal and that AIOBot has had no issues or legal pushback. … However, most sneaker brands and retailers have a clause against bots in their terms of service. Nike’s Terms of Use states that the company will cancel or refuse any order it determines was placed using a bot.

You are free to resell any lawfully purchased item and you are not required to purchase from an authorized source, but doing so ensures the best chances that you are dealing in legit product.

What is the best bot to buy supreme?

SupremeSlayerSupremeSlayer. SupremeSlayer is one of the best Supreme sneaker bots out there. This bot is compatible with Supreme sites in the 3 Supreme regions – the United States, Europe, and Japan. They have got a built-in proxy tester to make sure the proxies are working as they should.

Are sneaker bots illegal?

While using automated bots to buy goods online often violates the retailer’s terms and conditions, there are no laws against it at the current time for sneakers. The U.S. BOTS Act of 2016 made it illegal to buy tickets with bots by evading security measures and breaking purchasing rules set up by the ticket issuer.

Is reselling Supreme illegal?

Generally, it’s not illegal to resell an item that you have legitimately purchased. Once you have purchased something at retail it is yours to do with as you choose. Manufacturers tend to have little or no control over a product past the first customer they sell to.

Is Super Cop BOT legit?

SuperCop Bot takes a different approach to copping, its not so much a standalone bot as it is a browser plugin. Its much weaker and slower with very low coping power and if you’re serious about copping we don’t recommend it.

Do you need proxies for supreme?

You need to have Supreme proxies on your hand for every order you make if you want to make several orders, especially if you’re using a Supreme bot. There’s absolutely no way to cop with a Supreme bot without having Supreme proxies. DO use a different proxy for EVERY “Task” or purchase you make.

Can you buy multiple Supreme items?

How to order multiples of the same item on Supreme to the same address. If you would like to order multiples of the same item on Supreme to the same address, you will need to manipulate your address by taking advantage of the “Address Line 2”.

How much is a supreme hoodie?

Unsurprisingly, they cost a lot from resellers— the average price for a bogo hoodie on. That’s a big, big markup from its $148 retail price. Supreme’s fanbase is huge now, and the brand hasn’t changed its less-is-more business model, so copping stuff online is really, really tough these days.

Are Supreme bots illegal?

Bots aren’t illegal, but they do go against a lot of sites’ terms and conditions. Most sites actively make changes to try and combat sneaker bots. Supreme, Shopify, Nike, and adidas are very aware of bots, and regularly update their online protection against them.

Can you cop supreme without a bot?

Can you buy Supreme without a bot? … Now if you try to buy an item on Supreme without a bot, you will most likely be greeted with an Out Of Stock screen. There is still ways to cop the Supreme items you want without running an expensive bot.