Quick Answer: What Is A High Win Rate?

What is a good BB 100?

1-4bb/100 is a good, solid win rate.

5-9bb/100 is an exceptional win rate.

10+bb/100 is absolutely crushing the game..

Is .500 a winning record?

A winning season just means winning more than you lost, so yes > . 500. A successful season for a team sometimes isn’t a winning season. … However, in most cases a winning season has to be considered a success for the majority of teams.

Is Lee Sin the hardest champion?

Lee Sin definitely is one of the hardest champs to master in League.

Who is the most played champion in league?

Current Patch StatisticsRankChampionKillsRankChampionKills1Aatrox5.462Ahri6.913Akali8.3020 more rows

Who is the most played character in League of Legends?

For the current Patch 8.16 popular champions, the top 5 champions are:Lee Sin 47.8%/ 16.2% (Win/Ban)Jhin 51.1%/ 8.5%Yasuo 51.2%/ 62.3%Miss Fortune 52.8%/ 9.5%Ezreal 46.6%/ 4.3%

What is a good win rate?

A good poker win rate is anything above 0bb/100. This is because most people lose at poker in the long run. However, in small stakes games like NL2, NL5, NL10, NL25 and NL50 a good poker win rate can vary from 3bb/100 to 30bb/100.

How many hours of live poker is a good sample?

I’ve seen estimates of a significant sample of live play ranging from 2000-10,000 hours. Even on the low-end, playing 40 hrs a week, we won’t reach a meaningful sample until a year. That’s five years if you believe the people advocating 10,000 hours.

Which NFL team has the highest winning percentage?

The Dallas CowboysThe Dallas Cowboys have the highest all-time winning percentage during the regular season of the National Football League. The franchise has an impressive win percentage of 57.3 percent.

Are wins or losses first?

Win-loss records are formatted with wins being indicated first, followed by a hyphen and the number of losses.

What support has the highest win rate?

Top 5 Support Win RateAlistar – (53.50%)Leona – (53.42%)Taric – (53.26%)Blitzcrank – (52.85%)Maokai – (52.40%)

What does BB mean poker?

big blindThe positions are defined as follows for 10-player tables: BB – big blind. SB – small blind. BTN – button. CO – cut-off (the seat to the right of the button)

What is a good Vpip percentage?

A good VPIP percentage in a 9 person poker game is around 15%. A good VPIP percentage in a 6 person poker game is around 21%. The optimal VPIP percentage for you though is going to be the one that fits your play style the best.

Does win rate matter lol?

Win rates don’t matter in the sense that you shouldn’t place too much stock in them. For example a champion with a low playrate but a high winrate isn’t necessarily better than a champion with a high playrate and low winrate, and vice versa. It also depends on what elo you’re playing at.

What is a good win rate in mobile legends?

Win rates does not matter but the number of matches does. It shows that the player have enough experience even if the wr is at 40% or so. But having that 40% wr while having 1000 or more matches shows that you are only spamming that hero and does not show sign of improvement. 200 matches with 54% is already good.

How is win rate calculated?

How to Calculate Your Win Rate. Win-rate / win-ratio is calculated by dividing the number of sales opportunities converted into successful deals by total number of opportunities available to the sales team.